10 Best Baby Gift Ideas 2021

Following a pandemic, it can be hard to know what new parents in 2021 will really need. After all, we can’t offer our babysitting services just yet!

Most of times the more challenging part is not funding the gift but selecting a perfect gift among different choices. Our advice is, when you go shopping for a newborn, don’t get stressed. If you compare this with gifts for an adult, shopping for a newborn is quite fun. Here are 7 of the best gift ideas for new parents in 2021 that are personal, thoughtful, and will make that time spent at home just a little more enjoyable.

Personalized star charts are, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful gifts that you can offer new parents in 2021.

Start chart is a map of the sky, specifically the map of the star constellations appeared on the day which the baby was born. In one way this is a vivid and beautiful presentation or can be a nice wall hanging. On the other hand, this has a direct relationship to newborn’s birth time which makes it special. Even though we use this as a fun and nice gift idea, this concept of start charts has a very long history specially in the eastern civilizations.  

Simply enter the baby’s birthplace and receive a print of the exact constellation that was in the sky above them the moment that they were born. Star chart prints can be personalized to match the new parents’ style as well as being available in different sizes.

A parenting book

Offering your new-parent friend a parenting book doesn’t have to mean that you think they need help. It is obvious that new parents find this kind of a gift really useful, but actually a parenting book can be useful to even for a experienced parent. Even with the wide availability of electronic media, a well written printed book is invaluable. There is a valid argument that a parenting book as a gift, better suits for an expecting mom rather than a mom with a newborn, mainly because once the baby is born there won’t be that much of spare time to read a book.

Parenting books come in all shapes and sizes, with some offering medical guidance and practical tips, whilst others offer hilarious parenting stories that can help to add a little lightheartedness to the trials of parenting. Here are just a few ideas:

Baby sling

Baby slings offer parents the perfect solution to soothing baby whilst remaining hands-free so that they can work through their ever-expanding to-do list!

When mom is breastfeeding and spending lots of special time with the new baby, a sling can be a great way for dad to get their own bonding time with the baby.

The benefits of a babywearing is endless ranging from allowing you to travel with your baby with convenience to protecting your baby from unnecessary touching of other people. Specially baby slings are good for baby’s cognitive and social development, as well as for their overall health and well-being.

Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry will provide your new mom friend with a beautiful keepsake that they can treasure forever. This type of special gift normally stands out and long lasting. It doesn’t always need to be expensive, but the personalization can make it really special to new mom.

A bracelet or necklace containing the names of each family member is an affordable and thoughtful way to treat mom to a gift that she can wear with pride every day.

Mom and baby care set

A mom and newborn care package can offer new moms the opportunity to spoil themselves whilst bonding and spending time with their bundle of joy.

Packs can include things like baby-friendly bath products for mom and baby to enjoy together, baby lotions, candles, books, or tea and coffee. The options are endless!

Monthly subscription box

A monthly subscription box for mom or dad can offer a regular pick-me-up that will give them something to look forward to receiving every few weeks!

Here are a few ideas for monthly subscription boxes to choose from:

  • Beer/coffee/tea and a book
  • Toys that grow with the baby
  • Self-care items
  • Make-up
  • Bath products

A gift box

If you’ve got lots of ideas for presents that you would like to give to the new parents as well as the baby, why not create your very own gift box? Here are a few ideas of things that you might like to include in your gift box:

  • Baby blanket
  • Onesies
  • Skincare
  • Coffee
  • Comfy socks
  • A framed birth announcement

A white noise machine

This interesting device could be really useful in helping your new baby fall asleep. Its been said that this can replicate the muffled sounds heard inside mothers womb so it can easily sooth fuzzy babies and make them asleep when necessary. The machine is very easy to use and produce a calming white noise using a fan-based technology.

There are various brands in the market but it is not hard to find a good quality one for a reasonable price.

Non-touch forehead thermometer

Even though this little device does not fall into the common baby gift basket, this would be really handy compared to a conventional thermometer. It is not very convenient to measure the body temperature of a newborn with normal mercury thermometer or even with a non-touch ear thermometer. So this would be a really useful gift for a new mom.

Breast feeding starter Kit

Almost all new parents agree on how important the breastfeeding is for a newborn. But the tasks involving the process of breastfeeding can discourage them. For example breast milk needs to be pumped then bagged then it needs to be kept in refrigerator then reheating before reuse etc. But this handy starter Kits make parents life easier by getting rid of the process transferring milk from one container to another.

What’s your favourite item from our list of the best gift ideas for new parents in 2021?

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