8 Cool YouTube Cartoons for Kids

When it comes to children viewing cartoon Television shows, it is universally seen as a complete waste of time. It’s hard to imagine that their free time helps them learn more and improves their level of intelligence. All children enjoy watching cartoons, yet it is one of the most common concerns among today’s parents. (If you want to have a look at the list of the things that your kids can do indoor other than watching cartoons, please click here.) However, all parents can rest assured that there are certain fantastic cartoon showcases out there that will help their children learn and enjoy their television viewing. There still are cartoon programs for kids that help them with their fundamental learning, whether it’s science, math, general awareness, or language development. Many shows emphasize the development of values and social skills such that the youngster can navigate throughout their life securely. There are some redeemable channels on YouTube. Your children can learn what you want them to understand from YouTube if you supervise them. The following are 8 excellent YouTube videos for youngsters, listed in no specified sequence.

There are numerous programs on broadcast that youngsters like watching, however there aren’t quite as numerous children programs that the parents appreciate and approve of, particularly in terms of education. When it comes to allowing television viewing, most parents have to be picky, and Peppa Pig is no exception. Peppa pig is confident in her own style, although most of the elder viewers consider her rude, but her forwardness is all that is required in today’s children for them to stop being socially shy. Mummy pig in this cartoon series, is a definition of strong woman who supports her family in all circumstances. She tries her best to solve any problem that come their way, she is smart and most likely a positive influence over her family. Cartoons transport youngsters to a world that is vastly different from our own, one in which anything is conceivable. This motivates them to try new things and engage in events that they would not ordinarily do. It motivates kids to believe in their goals and suggestions toward putting them into action, which increases their imagination and creativity.

Ben and Holly’s little kingdom

This cartoon channel is freely available for parents to access in case their children are wanting to spend more time for television viewing. Ben and Holly’s story brings out a caring side in children of young ages, as the story revolves mostly around elves and fairies, who are considered the most kind in nature and caring for the people in general. This is one of the best cartoons available on YouTube to bring out sentimental emotions in your children, and make them understand the meaning of care, kindness, and love. Children tend to appear and use new phrases as they watch television. Children learn that individuals communicate differently in various ways and are introduced to new terms in various languages as a result of the cartoon. Kids learn how and when to utilize a phrase in a specific context by watching cartoons, while their interpretative abilities begin to improve.

Maya the Bee

The film is appropriate for youngsters aged 5 to 10. Even though there are some clever wordplay that may make parents giggle, younger children will likely find this film to be a little dull. Since there are some frightening moments, children under the age of six should be accompanied by an adult. This adorable show incorporates environmental awareness and moral principles into appealing and straightforward settings that young children will love and benefit from. Maya is a good person who is honest, compassionate, and eager to assist others.

It features soothing situations that teach moral principles including such be a true companion as well as be loyal to oneself, and is intended towards young children. The program is calm and casual enough for its intended audience, with little issues. Children will also discover interesting information about honeybees and connection with nature, like where they dwell and how bees make nectar.

Thomas and Friends

A good children’s program teaches your kids something about themselves and offers them information that can help them grow into the individual you want them to become. Thomas & Friends is a fantastic kids’ cartoon. This show is educational for your kids, not just in academic sense of education but practical life teachings as well. It is a great way to teach your children about anti-bullying concept and not to cover from those who bully. Another life learning lesson that this cartoon program teaches is that children and even adults must accept their mistake and wrongdoing despite of their egoistic issues. Children may learn to follow good deeds without expecting for a reward as this is the sweetest way to harbor intellectual upbringing of young minds. Another most important life lesson is that individuals must learn to harbor their feelings and control their emotions rather than someone else doing it for them.

Curious George

Curious George is a good intuitive cartoon program to instil a sense of curiosity among your children. This may help insinuate a series of questions that will eventually enhance their intellectual growth or brain development. George is the most respectable character around people and don’t forget to thank them and show his gratitude when he receives something. This display of gratitude is another reason why children are more welcomed to watch this cartoon show for time passing and some activity for better reasons. This also teaches a valuable lesson that life is not always about worrying over something that was not achieved or failures. Try to enjoy life over small matters, and happiness will come crawling over to you. Children now-a-days are super busy in video gaming and more that they hardly have time for themselves and their social circles.


Octonauts is an ocean-themed kindergarten show that fosters children’s interest about the environment by introducing them to a variety of sea creatures. The series focuses on the same-named children’s novels, so it might inspire additional read-aloud experiences with your kids. Octonauts uses beautiful animated aquatic habitats and scenery to inspire an innovative and creative imaginations. As the main characters engage together on each journey, Octonauts emphasizes the importance of cooperation and a feeling of belonging. Octonauts is a children’s show that teaches youngsters about the world around them, particularly marine life. The show teaches viewers about various aquatic species, their behaviors, and rituals while also instilling a sense of environmental stewardship.

Peep and the Big Wide World

This cartoon is about a kind little chicken called Peep. (According to Quack “The Peep”). He and his two friends, Chirp and Quack love making new discoveries and going on exciting adventures in the big wide world.

Wild Kratts

Chris and Martin, real-life brothers as well as zoologists, have previously amused and educated children in shows such as Zoboomafoo. This is their first cartoon project. Their wit and chemistry translate well with their cartoon equivalents, creating Wild Kratts an exciting program for kids to watch. This cartoon mostly revolves around science experiments and animals, which gives an insight about the different experimental approaches to certain outcomes and educating young minds about animals. Cartoons provide good relief whether children are sad, anxious, or even unwell. They provide youngsters with opportunities to laugh, which produces endorphins and dramatically reduces anxiety. It has the potential to help make memories as well as bring the family closer altogether.

The majority of cartoons are created with the intention of instilling key moral lessons in children. Compassion, peace, tolerance, and thankfulness are examples of values that help youngsters grasp the perspectives of others. It also teaches kids how to interact with their classmates, relatives, and acquaintances. Cartoons hold a special place in the hearts of both children and adults. It’s their first encounter with animals, and also animations. Parents started exposing their children to cartoons at a young age to expose them to colors and personalities. It can be a fun way for kids to pass the time and often serves as a way for them to unwind and relax. When used in moderation, television viewing can really be good to youngsters. Parents can engage with their youngsters and advise them on what to watch. Instead of entirely regulating television viewing and prohibiting devices, focus on helping kids to consume acceptable content. It’s human nature to desire what you can’t have. This is also true for youngsters. The key to success is moderation.

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