About this Blog:
This blog is a place for everyday moms, living everyday life. The truth is, life has a huge learning curve, and that's no less true in motherhood.

This is a place to share what we're learning: as moms, wives, and daughters of the King.
So I invite you to stop in for a while. Be a part of our community. Journeying together always makes the pace a bit more manageable!

About Me:
You know it's funny. In the past, when someone asked me who I was or what I did, I used to share my profession or list my degrees. I'd relate things I'd done or was going to do.

Even in the first year or two of being a stay at home mom, my response would always be, "I stay home with my kids ... but ... " As if somehow that wasn't enough...

I always knew and proclaimed that our identity should be in Christ alone, but as much as I wanted to live in that knowledge--that security--for some reason, I kept clinging to the accolades that our culture esteems.

No longer.

There's something about the stripping away,
the burning up,
 the relinquishing of stuff and self  and status:
the pseudonyms.
Those false names identifying the masks we wear,
not the person behind it.

So...about me?

I hold a lot of titles but the one that defines me best, is Beloved. God’s beloved. His adopted daughter, His chosen one. A daughter of the King, a princess! Ordinary, plain, makes-a-ton-of-mistakes me a princess!! Pretty cool, huh?!

I have been beyond words blessed in so many areas, and one of the biggest blessings is my family.

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children (3 and 1), and wife to an incredibly generous and amazingly talented husband. 

If you'd like to listen to my testimony, check out:
On How God is Working: My Testimony

Want to know more? Ask me! Comments seriously make my day! :)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll stay awhile.

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